Client Testimonials

"I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone seriously interested in changing from a �cost-cutting� to a �value-creation� mentality for Manufacturing. Ron introduces the delegates, in a very personable way, to the strategic view needed from Leadership and to the best-in-class practical strategies required by Reliability engineers and managers."

Stuart Grant
Invista Northern Ireland
Engineering Manager
Reliability & Operations Excellence Master Class

This Master Class reviews models for achieving Operations Excellence patterned after some of the world’s best companies. We will show you how the best plants are able to compete globally through the application of a Reliability Strategy which combines the best elements of lean manufacturing, supply chain principles and excellence in operations and maintenance.

Through extensive case study examples, we will illustrate how the right strategy ensures maximum production capacity by making fundamental changes in the way processes and equipment are designed, operated and maintained. Costs are avoided by eliminating ‘defects’, which cause the costs in the first place and optimising work that adds value, thereby ensuring sustained cost reductions.

This one-day event is facilitated in partnership with Ron Moore, an internationally recognised authority on Reliability and Operations Excellence.

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