Client Testimonials

"In over 20 years of operational experience, this Game is the best tool I have seen for engaging the workforce to improve business performance. It directly impacts the work that gets done. It also gives people the best fun they may have at work all year!"

Derek Park
Oil & Gas producer
Transformation Manager
The Manufacturing Game®

The Manufacturing Game® is a powerful catalyst to engage your frontline staff in reliability practices and behaviours. Based on extensive benchmarking studies the Game simulates real-life manufacturing challenges and provides participants with the opportunity of learning how to deliver high levels of plant reliability whilst dealing with day-to-day operational issues.

The Manufacturing Game® helps people to see their own role as part of a system. It helps to breakdown functional barriers and promotes inter-departmental team work.

The workshop is results orientated and designed to enable the participants to apply the learning to eliminating defects in their own work processes in small cross functional action teams.

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The Manufacturing Game® video
Click here for a 3 minute video of how one client used The Manufacturing Game® as a key change agent in their Operation.

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