Client Testimonials

"The Master Class is a transforming experience. Whether you�re a manager or an operator, Ron Moore proves he knows more about your problems than you do. He demonstrates simple, practical and achievable ways of putting things right. I left the class ready to start on a completely new set of priorities."

Derek Park
Oil & Gas producer
Transformation Manager
What Tool? When? – Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools

This Master Class reviews the leading improvement methodologies used by companies across the world to improve their asset and business performance.

At the latest count, there were at least a hundred tools on the market for improving manufacturing performance (Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, RCM etc). At times the selection process can be overwhelming. At other times, a tool is selected, and gains are achieved, only to disappear within a year or two.

How do you know what improvement tool is best suited for our organisation? How do you know when to apply it? What are some of the fundamental issues we must address, regardless of the tools selected?

This seminar is designed to help you answer these questions, select the right tools, at the right time, for the right problem, and then sustain the improvement achieved.

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