Client Testimonials

"I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone seriously interested in changing from a �cost-cutting� to a �value-creation� mentality for Manufacturing. Ron introduces the delegates, in a very personable way, to the strategic view needed from Leadership and to the best-in-class practical strategies required by Reliability engineers and managers."

Stuart Grant
Invista Northern Ireland
Engineering Manager
Reliability-based Design Master Class

A one-day master class for those implementing new capital projects to learn how to incorporate reliability and life cycle principles to maximise value.

Reliability doesn’t revolve around maintenance, but begins long before this, in the initial design and implementation processes. By designing processes and equipment with operations and maintenance in mind, you can prevent ‘defects’, avoiding unnecessary costs and optimising plant performance.

This master class will explain the fundamentals behind reliability practices, and describe how procurement, operations and maintenance need to work together during new capital projects to make sure the right practices are applied to reduce lifecycle costs and increase reliability.

Different reliability practices will be reviewed, and invaluable advice provided on how you can apply them in your own organisation to not only lower lifecycle costs, but improve performance, increase safety, reduce environmental risks and ultimately enhance your long-term competitive position.

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